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First Insights UX Research & Qualitative Solutions

Specializing in usability testing, focus groups, online research, ethnographic studies and innovation workshops, our team has deep roots in digital marketing, UX design, project management, and branding strategy.  We strive to enhance the effectiveness of your digital and traditional marketing efforts through objective qualitative research that allows rich customer experience insights to be gathered from your target audience.

With agency and client side expertise, we know how to efficiently manage projects and stick to your budget. Our deliverables are easy for your team to understand and provide actionable recommendations that improve your communication and product development efforts.

Get in touch to learn about our remote research methodologies to uncover critical findings from your customers that lead to increased acquisition, stronger brand relationships and a boost in sales conversions.


Usability Testing
Focus Groups
Ethnographic Research
Heuristic Evaluations
Competitive Analysis
Online Diary Studies
Innovation Workshops
Surveys & QA Testing

Case Studies

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Usability Testing




Usability Testing



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UX Research


Usability Testing

Ideal when you’re looking to gather remote or in person 1 on 1 qualitative feedback from your customers about the navigation, branding, functionality, content and value proposition of any mobile, desktop or software interface.

Focus Groups

In person or online groups of 3-10 people in a collective setting is a great way to brainstorm new ideas, explore creative concepts or learn more about the perceptions of your brand.

Ethnographic Research

When you need remote video research from your target audience while they’re at home, working, shopping, playing, exercising or using a handheld, medical or wearable device.

Heuristic Evaluations

Perfect when you need fast user experience analysis on a tight budget. Our team can evaluate your mobile app, website, Intranet or software interface.

Competitive Analysis

Get an objective perspective on your competitors as we examine the marketplace for key metrics, aggregate secondary research and conduct primary customer interviews.

Ancillary Services

Whether its training your in house staff, writing a survey, managing QA testing or pointing you to a great UX design firm, we can help. We know how to facilitate great partnerships.

Success Metrics

Our Research Leads to Measurable Success

Our team has been conducting online focus groups and remote in depth interviews since 2004. We have the digital skills needed to run online studies that deliver actionable results.

During a two year program of usability testing on our clients financial services interface, retail banking users increased 34%, credit card users rose 66% and small business users grew by 82%.

At the same time the cost per registered customer decreased by 56% and the site won best banking site of the year at the Webby awards.

After two days of usability sessions with 16 diabetes patients, our recommendations on a health education site helped boost registration rates from 7% to 32%.

Partnering with digtal creatives at BBDO, our research helped Conservation International win a Webby for “Best Activism Website” and their Protect an Acre campaign saved 143 million acres of tropical rain forest in three years.

First Insights has been named by Forrester Research as a firm with “significant experience conducting usability lab tests, persona development & interaction design.” Source: Forrester 2007, 2011 and 2014