Focus Groups – Project Objectives

Looking to gather detailed feedback from an audience of software developers, HP needed to understand the following:

  • How to present content on the HP Partners & Developers site so that it would be relevant for the targeted users
  • What information is most useful and where do software developers go to find it on competitive sites
  • How to prioritize the importance of various pieces of content
  • What features or tools could be added to the site to encourage repeat visitation 
  • Do software developers in different regions of the country have unique needs


An online focus group environment was selected for this project to reduce costs, speed up research findings and enable participation from a nationwide geographic base.  Two 90 minute sessions were conducted with 7 – 8 users in a “chat-like discussion,” with participants able to type in commentary from their own home or work computers.

Success Measurement

The research was instrumental in enabling the HP team to identify what software developers want and require from its website.  In addition, the research provided information on which site features best resonate with their current site visitors as well as what new services might be most beneficial to both the brand and its site audience.

Key findings included:

  • The extent to which geographical differences affect the opinions of the participants
  • How site content and design should be developed in order to be most interesting & most useful to site visitors
  • What kind of nomenclature should be used to most clearly aid in site navigation

Since the online format was viewable by the client on their desktops, they had access to a transcript of the commentary and were able to move forward rapidly with their decision making process, thereby reducing development time and expense.


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