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Just For Startups
Limited Time Offer

Looking for an innovation partner for your startup? Our team has been helping founders like you for over 20 years. We’ve helped companies scale, pivot, improve usability, kill bad ideas, and successfully exit based on actionable research that informs critical decisions.

Our principals have also invested in and mentored early stage firms. We know how it feels to try and balance all the aspects of your job and know we can help answer key questions that move your company forward.

We Help Startups: 

  • Validate and brainstorm new ideas
  • Uncover interface usability and UX challenges
  • Ensure your value proposition works with your target audience
  • Leverage the benefits of AI 
  • Align your product-market fit

Industry Expertise:

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Devices
  • FinTech & InsurTech
  • DevOps & IT Asset Management
  • Fashion
  • Beauty & Cosmetics 
  • Food 
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Consumer Electronics 

Our Offer Just for Startups:

For firms that have raised some angel funds, are incorporated, and have founders who are dedicating significant amounts of time to the venture, we can offer you either of the projects below for under $10K.* 

One-on-One Interviews

  • Includes 8 – 10 Zoom sessions of 60-minutes each.
  • Ideal for UX research, mobile apps, websites, software, brand development, and/or competitive contextual interviews.      

Focus Groups

  • Includes two Zoom group sessions of 90-minutes each with 4 – 6 participants in both groups.
  • Ideal for gathering feedback on new ideas, buying journeys, industry landscapes, customer attitudes, and unmet needs.       

During either project we manage recruitment, incentives, moderation, video, transcripts and a detailed summary report.

Contact us for more information. 

Two Key Points

  1. We can find your B2C or B2B target audience whether it’s a C-level leader, medical patient, or consumer of any kind. 
  2. Our moderators are highly experienced with 10+ years of marketing, UX, and project management skills. We take time to learn your business so we can execute properly and provide actionable findings. 

*Note: This is a limited time offer and First Insights LLC reserves the right to select startup firms based on a review of multiple factors. Not every startup company will be eligible for this offer. Costs may be adjusted if the scope of work is determined to be more or less than anticipated. Equity deals may be explored. All projects will require a signed Statement of Work and payment of 50% of total costs up front.


Our team completed six rounds of UX research for Orbitz.com when it was in startup mode. In June 2001 (the first official month of launch) over 3.7 million unique visitors went to Orbitz.com.  By July 2001 they had over 1 million registered users and sales of over $100 million.  In November 2004 Orbitz was purchased by Cendant for $1.25 billion.

DevOps Startup

Founded in 2016 , our DevOps focused client started with two partners and a goal of creating a more secure software supply chain. Their first generation website and marketing efforts were in need of a re-boot and we helped them understand more about their customer’s buyer journey, website content, messaging, visual design, and how effectively their value proposition was being communicated. Since their UX and marketing updates, the firm now has over 50 employees and includes clients such as Nvidia, Servicenow, and the US Air Force.  

Biometrics Software

In 2009 our client bought a bankrupt facial recognition and identity firm and started on a journey to re-launch and grow. At a critical time in their expansion, our team ran focus groups to understand how to retain and attract new customers. The findings led to several smart decisions and today this company is in over 56 airports, 26 sports and entertainment venues, and boasts over 20 million members.


Estimated Timeline: 3-5 Weeks


Tell us about your project - we're happy to answer any questions.


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