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Heuristic Evaluations

If your budget and timeline are really tight and you need an objective research team to evaluate a website, mobile app, or interface quickly, heuristic evaluations will deliver excellent results.  We have a list of around 35 key indicators & heuristic data points that are customized for each engagement.

Our approach begins with creating personas of your target audience and then a team of two or three usability specialists will independently examine your interface. Findings and recommendations are then combined into one easy-to-read report for your team.

Top 5 reasons to conduct a heuristic analysis / UX expert review:

  1. Rapid turnaround times of 5 – 15 days from start to finish
  2. Comprehensive and actionable information delivered within a tight budget
  3. Ideal for mobile apps, live websites, or internal software tools
  4. Focused recommendations that help your team move ahead during tight deadlines
  5. The objectivity of a third party offers alternative perspectives, can help settle internal team debates, and is ideal within an agile development environment

40% of users do not return to sites at which they have had a negative experience.

Source – Forrester Research


Estimated Timeline: 3-6 Weeks


Tell us about your project - we're happy to answer any questions.


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