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Focus Groups

Based on an evaluation of your objectives, online or in-person focus groups may be the best way for you to get answers to the questions you have. If you’re seeking customer feedback on new ideas, conceptual services, product innovations or want to brainstorm with a small audience, then focus groups are highly effective.

Our skilled moderators have completed over 80 sessions with 7-8 people or set up dyads & triads within a particular segmented group. Exploring concepts and ideas with diverse audiences, we’ve led groups with:

  • Millennials, GenX, baby boomers & retirees
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Patients with a variety of ailments
  • Auto shoppers
  • Engineers
  • IT managers
  • Architects
  • Packaged goods consumers
  • Building managers
  • Insurance agents
  • Fashion & cosmetics enthusiasts
  • Smartphone users
  • Financial advisors
  • Business & vacation travelers

Our experienced team of male & female moderators can also conduct groups in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and other languages. After visiting over 40 cities worldwide, we know we can meet your needs.

Variations on traditional focus groups are also within our expertise:

Online Focus Groups – Ideal for exploring new ideas & testing product or visual design concepts from participants across a broad geographic area. We’ve been running remote focus groups with up to 10 participants since 2004.

Bulletin Board Focus Groups – Offers a methodology allowing for online responses to be gathered over a few days thereby capturing detailed participant feedback. This methodology is ideal when a group of 20-30 people is needed for feedback and they are not able to gather in one location for traditional in-person groups.

Innovation Workshops – Great for both consumers and internal product development teams, innovation workshops enable brainstorming in a way that helps move the conversation forward. We’ve run several variations and creating an open discussion environment allows for high quantity and quality idea generation.

History clearly shows the value of investing in customer experience during a downturn. In the last economic recession, companies that prioritized customer experience realized three times the shareholder returns compared to the companies that did not.




Estimated Timeline: 3-5 Weeks


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