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Innovation Workshops

Whether you’re a startup or a worldwide organization, sometimes you need to look in uncharted directions to inspire pioneering ideas. Innovation workshops, design thinking, co-creation labs, and ideation workshops are some of the commonly used descriptions that outline a research methodology to inspire new product or service ideas.

There are three key benefits to our approach:

  • Conceptual ideas move from concept to creation much faster than traditional methods
  • Our collaborative partnership ensures that internal teams and customer voices are heard
  • The condensed workshop/interview schedule is highly focused and yields big picture and granular details enabling informed decisions

Based on an in-depth discovery process, our team prepares a framework for multiple research sessions that typically take a week from start to completion. We invite creative customers and prospects to participate at locations that foster an open-minded environment. In most cases, internal team members will voice their ideas in rapid prototyping after the initial consumer feedback.

Our two-person facilitation team incorporates ideas such as the ones below to gather relevant data and push the creative envelope.

  • Brainstorming
  • Mind mapping
  • Cart sorts
  • Mood boards
  • Body storming
  • What if scenarios
  • Affinity diagramming

Design thinking can be helpful in solving complex problems during the creation of products or services. The process works with consumers, B2B audiences and internal stakeholders.

There are some variations on the process but the basics include:

  • Empathizing with end users/customers
  • Defining the issues & framing challenges
  • Ideation of a wide range of possibilities
  • Prototyping multiple ideas quickly & inexpensively
  • Testing prototypes with targeted users
  • Implementing and learning

Estimated Timeline: 3-6 Weeks


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