Patient Usability Testing – Project Objectives

Our pharmaceutical client via their healthcare ad agency presented us with several challenges given the target audience. We needed to insure that a new website aimed at MS patients was easy to use, focused on lifestyle content and presented an empathetic view of patients daily struggles. The site also had to be positioned as “generic” since the actual drug was not to be advertised on the site.


Working with a recruiter who specialized in healthcare, we needed to invite caregivers and patients who may have limited mobility but could still use a mouse and keyboard. We also needed to pay extra attention to how the interview room was set up so that patients would feel comfortable and could enter & exit with ease.

In terms of the moderator’s guide, we focused our questions on the following:

  • Learning people’s opinions on the homepage in terms of initial impressions, layout, colors, readability and visual design.
  • Gathering feedback on the secondary pages, regarding their overall layout, colors, readability and certain offerings such as highlighted articles, share your thoughts feature, and locating downloadable information.
  • Garnering people’s reaction to the registration process and whether or not it was easy for them to complete.
  • Understanding whether the content and nomenclature was clear throughout the site.
  • Gathering feedback on various navigational pathways to uncover if the tasks presented could be easily accomplished.

Success Measurement

The research was instrumental in understanding how caregivers and MS patients use the web to learn more about their condition. With aggregated findings from 15 interviews, we were able to make specific recommendations regarding the visual design, content, navigation, nomenclature, functionality, and value proposition of the site. Changes in colors, larger action buttons, and an increase in text size were implemented with solid results.


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