Rosetta Stone

Competitive Analysis - Project Objectives

The team at Rosetta Stone wanted to understanding more about the competitive landscape to prepare for several major corporate milestones. They needed a four week turn around time and a summary report that presented lots of detail for the marketing team and precise high-level talking points for the C-level executives.

Our three person team helped identify 12 online and traditional language learning competitors and set out to deliver data based on a series of metrics relating to core services, product details, price, customer service, marketing strategy, SWOT analysis and overall website usability.


Each team member spent a few hours researching each competitor looking at several items such as:

  • How classes or learning was being delivered (e.g. CD-ROM, online, books & in person)
  • Company positioning details & marketing strategy
  • The background of each firm and corporate ownership
  • How many languages were being offered
  • Pricing structure of the courses and/or products
  • Expected outcomes and language proficiency post courses or classes
  • Who products were aimed at – younger students, college, business people, travelers
  • Researching consumer reviews of the 12 companies
  • Exploring website traffic
  • Evaluating YouTube and video social media presence
  • Counting Facebook followers

Success Measurement

Our 100+ page report was well received by the CEO, CMO, CTO and the marketing team because it was broken down into sections that each could use for their own needs. Rosetta Stone was able to get an objective view of the competitive landscape and this informed several key decisions over the next year. In a September 2, 2015 PC Magazine article, they ranked Rosetta Stone as one of the “Crème de la Crème” Editors Choice of language learning systems.