With competitors popping up locally, nationally and globally you need to know what’s going on out there. Our team can conduct primary competitive research with targeted customers, review secondary research reports or explore your industry in depth. Clients in publishing, cosmetics, wireless services and language education have benefitted from our detailed summary reports.

A competitive research engagement can provide you with:

A high level view of the players in your industry and how they fall into a segmented landscape

Details on where your products and services fit into categories vs. your competition

Who are the first movers in a niche or startup industry

What your customers are saying about your products and the competitions offerings on social media, blogs and review sites

An analysis of your website or mobile app vs. key competitors

An understanding of how competitive brands are positioned

Growing trends within your industry that you may not be aware of

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis

You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently.

 Source – Steve Jobs

Estimated Timeline: 3 – 5 weeks